Paul Thek: Tales the Tortoise Taught Us (English)

Retrospective in the Context of Today's Contemporary Art

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Produktnummer: 9783865603906
There are artists who are not forgotten because other artists frequently refer to them as examples. Paul Thek is among those. He enjoys cult status. This book finally fills the hiatus of a survey publication. It is a compendium in three parts: In their essay with the fairytale-like title «Tales the Tortoise Taught Us» Margit Brehm, Axel Heil and Roberto Ohrt speak about the artist’s ambivalent relation to his American homeland «Turtle Island», they recount Thek’s unusual but at the same time typical artistry in the Beat- and Hippiegeneration. Thek defies the serial art of Pop Art as mere consumer art, pursuing his own ways in “technological relics,” Thek’s reply to Pop Art.   The second part is a chronologically arranged survey of works from 1963 up to Paul Thek’s tragical AIDS death in 1988. The chronologically arranged biography in the third part describes in detail the stations of his artistic life with numerous original quotations.