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Produktnummer: 1000000359
ISBN: 0-89207-172-9
Maße: 33 x 24 cm
Seitenzahl: 64 S. : Ill.
Sprache: Englisch
Verlag: Guggenheim Museum Publications, New York
Erscheinungsdatum 1996
»Mediascape«, the exhibition that marks the reopening of the Guggenheim Museum SoHo, offers cause for celebration on many fronts. It announces the Guggenheim's commitment to exploring the relationship between technology and culture; it initiates a long-term collaboration between the Guggenheim Museum and ZKM/Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe, Germany; and, finally, the exhibition establishes collaborations with corporate partners who are providing both financial assistance and significant, long-term access to technology and expertise, which will enable the museum to realize complex and unusually demanding exhibitions of multimedia art.This is an interesting moment in history, one that resembles the Italian Renaissance in its commingling of science, art, and the humanities. In contemporary society, the traditional notions of time and space have been transformed by advances in technology, telecommunications, and information transfer. Virtual communities have emerged, collapsing long-standing geographical boundaries and localized codes of cultural identity. The mass manufacturing and distribution of video and computer equipment has generated entirely new forms of cultural production. In unprecedented numbers, and with a sophistication born of easy access to complex technologies, artists are using these devices as aesthetic tools to develop a new syntax and structure for art making. »Mediascape«, which is drawn largely from the collections of ZKM and the Guggenheim, offers what its title suggests: a view of what new media have to offer, from sculptural formats and immersive environments to more recent interactive digital projects.